About Me

I don’t believe being good at something is enough reason to pursue your craft. Pursuing art just because you can draw, is like running marathons because you have legs. I do it because drawing nourishes me in a way no other thing can.

I remember when I pursued art for another reason entirely. The first time I started getting recognition as an artist, it became addictive. I craved attention, and when I got it I was fulfilled. But there is only so many pats on the back you can get before you start to feel the emptiness in between when you aren’t getting noticed. Not getting a steady dose of recognition throttled my confidence. Obviously, drawing primarily for that reason wasn’t sustainable. When you are happy doing something strictly for the fulfillment of one party, why settle for solving half the equation?

I took a step back from art. I needed space to reevaluate my motivation as an artist. It wasn’t until I stopped outright did I realized how little I did in life reciprocated the feeling that drawing gave me.¬† Coming back to art, I fully embraced that being known as an artist does not define me nearly as much as the path towards becoming one did.

I love learning.

I’ve learned that I love telling stories through my art. Having the ability to tap into someone’s core with just a pen and paper, is a powerful thing. It rewards everyone.

I’ve learned that drawing while listening to music makes it exponentially more fun.

I’ve learned that I’m fortunate and privileged for the space and freedom to hone my craft.

I’ve learned to draw for myself first, and others second. That for me, it doesn’t mean putting myself before my client. It means that if I tackle any objective with a positive mindset, I can create something¬† that pleases us both.

I’ve learned that few will ever see the crumpled papers, frustrations, and doubt. However people judge how “easy” it is for me to draw, it will never diminish the work I put in and mistakes I’ve made to get to better.

I’ve learned that I’m not as deft as I want to be, and that’s a good thing.

Lastly, I’ve learned that every incremental improvement I make in my skill no matter how small, adds up to what I do next.

Currently, I live in San Francisco, CA. I enjoy life and laughter with my wife and two kids. Outside of drawing, I like playing board games where lying is a fundamental mechanic, I enjoy singing in and out of my car, and I am obsessed playing/reading all things Witcher.