All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.
("Blackbird," The Beatles)

Louie Ejanda: Animator & Illustrator

My Motivation

I remember reading an interview with Walt Disney where he was asked about the "key" to the success of his films and how they thrived regardless of the age, race, or language of its audience. Walt said that it's because they don't create films specifically for children or adults. They create it for the "fine, clean, unspoiled spot in every one of us that maybe the world made us forget."

This answer captivated me because it got me thinking of art, specifically animation as a universal language. That if there was an inherent innocence in all of us, then everyone had the means to tell and understand a story. It motivated me into being a story teller with my artwork and try to reach people, through humor or hope.

Project Spotlight

This is a flashback sequence that I Illustrated and animated in Adobe After Effects for Empower: Master of the Three Rings, non-profit stage show in San Francisco. All assets were painted in Adobe Photoshop.